We are living in what the mainstream media has called “The Golden Age” of podcasts. Podcast listenership has almost doubled since 2008 and continues to grow steadily. In 2014, the first season of “Serial”—a week-by-week investigation of a 1999 Baltimore murder case—broke an iTunes record for being the fastest podcast ever to be consumed by 5 million listeners. The award-winning podcast exceeded 80 million downloads by April 2015. Clearly, podcasts have captured our collective attention. But why? What is it about podcasts that makes people want to “binge listen”? What does audio offer listeners or creators that other modes of composition do not?

This project-based course explores podcasting as a dynamic form of 21st century storytelling. Students will learn to script, edit, and produce their own compelling audio stories. In addition to reading about and practicing professional audio storytelling techniques (e.g. writing for the ear, serialized writing, sound and music design), students will collaboratively develop an original three-episode podcast series by the end of the semester. No experience with digital audio editing is necessary. Beginners welcome!


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